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The Colors We Eat: The History Behind Food Coloring

In our previous blog post, No FD&C Colors in a Snack Landscape, we examined the topic of FD&C colors and how they affect the food industry today. With all the media attention food-coloring sources get today, it may seem that enhancing the color of our food has primarily been a 20th century development brought about by modern industrial production. However, food-coloring techniques date back thousands of years and have evolved over time to become safe and effective. ...Continue Reading

No FD&C Colors in a Snack Landscape

As consumer demand for cleaner labels shows no signs of slowing down, snack manufacturers must decide whether or not to follow suit with some of the biggest names in the food industry and invest the time, resources and money into formulating applications without the use of FD&C colors into their product portfolios.

  ...Continue Reading

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