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R&D is in our DNA

From concept to shelf, we have been combining scientific precision with a passionate pursuit for flavor perfection for over 100 years.

A flavor is born.

Our full-time chefs work with our highly-experienced R&D team translating culinary techniques and insights into innovative flavors. They are constantly monitoring food trends to help identify and create the next flavor according to relevant data. Our food scientists, technical experts and process engineers come from a variety of product development backgrounds, which allow us to assist you with a wide variety of applications and formulations.

Culinary Team


R&D Team

Putting flavor to the test.

We utilize the most gifted taste buds and get consumer input to ensure your flavor is on-point and crave-worthy. Our Team uses Product Guidance Insights (PGI) to gauge overall product acceptability quickly with consumers of all types.

Onsite PGI & Sensory teams


Dedicated super tasters & consumer feedback panel

Fine-tuning for launch.

We collect feedback on a variety of taste and mouthfeel metrics and refine to create the highest quality, reliably safe products. Our filtration systems, evaporator and three-story pilot plant spray dryer scales up easily for commercial applications and achieves an accurate representation of how your product will perform in a commercial run.

Ongoing Refinement


Quality Control


Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our customers. We provide expert, dedicated attention to serve your needs—we won’t stop working until you are satisfied.

Dedicated Attention


Expert Service

dreaming of a flavor that doesn’t exist?

We can work with you to help bring new tastes into reality. Just drop us a line.

Checkout our product line or contact our R&D team.