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Popcorn and Puffed Corn Potato Chip and Tortilla Chip


Discover the crave-inducing flavor and mouthfeel to inspire your next scrumptious creation.

Cheese Powder Explosion

Cheese Powders

Cheddar Powders

A wide range, from mild and creamy to tangy and bold flavored.

Organic Cheese Powders

Category-defying Organic that boasts big flavor.

Varietal Cheeses & Blends

Asiago, American, Parmesan, Romano, Colby, Blue and Swiss.

Seasoning Blends Powder Explosion

Seasoning Blends

Bold Flavors

Unique and on-trend flavors to make any taste bud sing.

Cheese Based

Premium sharp cheese is the perfect medium for superior lasting flavor.

Sour Cream Based

Rich sour cream with a kick of onion for a well-rounded flavor punch.

Dairy Powders Explosion

Dairy Powders

Dairy Powders

The perfect tang for savory, binge-worthy flavor creations.

Butter & Cream

A balanced blend of smooth and silky texture with rich, creamy flavor.

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